Meet Our Dogs

Meet the Lagotto Romagnolo dogs of Lagotto CurlsRoc. The Lagotto Romagnolo originates from Italy and is non-shedding with a wonderful temperament. They are affectionate, devoted to their family, eager to please and make a great companion as well as a good watch dog.

The Boys

Grand Champion LK Wallaby


Breeder: Bridget Flynn
Owner/Handler: Kandie Kroonen
Born: November 23, 2014
Sire: LK Granaio Dei Malesta Mario
Dam: LK Houla
CKC #: MSC000006849
AKC #: SS02508001
Puerto Rico Reg. #: R15.805
DNA Profile #: V842545
OFA: R15805
Juvenile Epilepsy: Clear
Renal Disorders – Hyperuricosuria, (HUU): Clear
Lagotto Storage Disease, (LSD): Clear

Meet our Dogs - Wallaby
Grand Champion LK Wallaby

Can Ch. IL Granaio Dei Malatesta Vid II


Breeders: Lagotto Kennels & Il Granaio dei Malatesta
Owner/Handler: Kandie Kroonen
Born: August 17, 2012
Sire: LK Bacci
Dam: Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Dafne
CKC #: MSC000005628
AKC #: SR78337302
ENCI #: 12/150699 (Italy)
FCPR #: R13.2208
DNA #: V786070
OFA Hips: Good
BFJE: Normal
IC: Normal
Lagotto Storage Disease (LSD): Normal
Colour: Brown — Height: 48 cm — Weight: 35 lbs

Meet Our Dogs - Can Ch. IL Granaio Dei Malatesta Vid II
Can Ch. IL Granaio Dei Malatesta Vid II

The Girls

Mia De Marshville


Breeder: Marshville Kennels
Born: November 2, 2016
Sire: Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Tortellino
Dam: Agata
CKC #: MSC000008558
Hips: Pending
Patellas: Normal OFA
Juvenile Epilepsy: Normal Clear
Lysosomal Storage: Normal Clear
HU: Clear