Dogs In Our Pedigree

Meet some of the dogs in our pedigree.


The Boys


Breeder / Owner: Bridget Flynn
Handler / Groomer: Kandie Kroonen
Born: July 3, 2015
Sire: GrCH LK Nocino
Dam: CH IGDM Delmina
DNA: Clear all
Hips: Rated OFA Good
Height: 45 cm
Weight: 33 lbs
Colour: Brown Roan
Titles: CKC Grand Champion

Hooch lived with us for 3 years before he returned back to Vancouver Island (thank you Bridget). It was a wonderful time and we did allot of travelling, showing & playing. He was competitive in the USA shows when ventured out and rocked the Canadian shows.
Words can’t describe what a wonderful Lagotto Hooch is.
Take care my friend.

Il Granaio dei Malatesta Tortellino

Breeder: Il Granaio dei Malatesta
Born: March 5, 2015
Sire: Il Granaio dei Malatesta Giuliano Palma
Dam: Il Granaio dei Malatesta Heidi Klum
ENCI: ROI 15/74254
CKC #: MSC000007510
Hips: PennHip LDI 0.35 – RDI 0.36 (90th percentile)
Juvenile Epilepsy: Normal (-/-)
Lysosomal Storage: Normal (-/-)
Furnishings: Normal (-/-)
Colour: White with Orange
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 16.5 Kg

Genoscoper Testing completed –
Also Registered in the United States
CHIC # 132317 – Tested Hips, Patella, Eyes, HU

(Photo and information courtesy of Tim Butt)

Laki’s Pride Lemme At Solipse

Born: September 25, 2016
CHIC #:132318
Fully Health Tested
Patella: OFA No. RWD-PA108/28M/P-VPI-Normal
Hips: PennHip – Right .45, Left .51
Eyes: Tested
Colour: White and Orange

The Girls

LK Oria

Breeder: LK
Born: February 4, 2013
Sire: Riding’s Jappaloup
Dam: LK Cameo
FCPR #: R13.621
ENCI: ROI 15/74254
CKC #: MSC000005653
Hips: PennHip L:0.28 R:0.25 (90th percentile)
OFA: Good (RWD-201G45F-VPI)
Patellas: Normal (RWD-PA60/45F/P-VPI)
Eyes: RWD-EYE212/64F-VPI
Juvenile Epilepsy: Normal (-/-)
Lysosomal Storage: Carrier (+/-)
Improper Coat: Carrier (+/-)

Titles: Canadian Champion
Pedigree: Click to View

Colour: White with Brown
Height: 44 cm
Weight: 15 Kg

LK Calypso Dream


Breeder: Bridget E Flynn
Sire: LK Wallaby
Dam: LK Eva Angelina
CKC #: MSC000008368
Hips: Pending
Juvenile Epilepsy: N/N
Lysosomal Storage: N/N
Eyes: RWD-EYE213/17F-VPI
Colour: Roan